Friday, July 25, 2014

The Wood Pile

My son Aaron has been working very hard on our wood pile this summer. Dean did a lot of cutting of logs this winter. There are piles of logs all through the wood.

There are three ways the wood is brought up from the wood. One is by the arm full. Aaron carries logs up and out of the woods. At times he carries it all the way up to the area where the wood is 'worked'. Lately, now that the bigger piles of logs are being moved he carries the logs to a work truck we have and then it gets driven to the work area. Either way it is a lot of work.

But it doesn't end there. After the logs are delivered up to the work area Dean chainsaws them into smaller pieces. Aaron then hand splits them (no splitter here!) and then stacks the wood.

This takes a fair amount of strength and stamina. A perfect job for a nineteen year old. Aaron tells us that this is the ninth year he has worked on wood for the family and this is the first year he won't be here to enjoy its heat. He will leave for college at the end of August.

Looking good Aaron! Thanks for all your hard work. We will have a nice fire going for you when you come home to visit this winter. XOXO

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Week in My Kitchen

I love the blog Beauty That Moves and have been reading and enjoying her photos for a few years. I am joining Heather in her Kitchen Blog Hop.

So here is this week in My Kitchen:

Even in the heat, bread must be made.

Aaron's turn making dinner. Spaghetti Sauce.

On the left is the last of the spinach. On the right Rainbow Chard is getting a rinse.

Peanut butter cookies.

Shish Kabobs using wooden skewers. Bad idea. I will remember to use the metal ones. The wooden ones burn. Everything turned out great. I marinated stew beef overnight and added summer squash, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. I grilled small round potatoes also.

Part of my week was camping, so here is one of our meals. Cubed steak, sweet potatoes cooked over the fire in foil and asparagus.

We tried making s'mores in a foil packet over the fire. I thought it might be less messy and more creamy. It didn't work out that great. Most of them overcooked. They all did get eaten though. No worries there. The general consensus was that they are better the regular way. Cook the marshmallow, stack and eat.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Right in the Thick of It

Sun Tea is sitting on the back porch. We will add a touch of sugar and some fresh mint and ice cubes when we are ready for a nice long drink. Boy has it been hot here lately. I am really not a fan of hot weather, but I feel I have been handling it just fine, so far.

We are heading for the lake for the second day in a row. The house is very hot right now. It doesn't help matters that I made bread. What fool makes bread when it is 85 degrees outside? Me. I am the fool that loves bread so much but hates to buy it. I hate what is inside store bread and I really hate paying for things I can make myself. I am realistic though, and I know I cannot make bunches of pasta or cheese to keep up with what we love to eat. It is the small things that sometimes make a difference.

Speaking of making it myself, I feel pretty good about picking over a quart of these beauties today. Can't wait to make some pie. When it cools down a bit.

The garden is really pumping out the food now. I picked a huge amount of chard the other day, and today my son plans to pick the first real harvest of green beans.

Been keeping my eye on the tomatoes. They are so sensitive. Blossom end rot, blight, or horn worms could ruin a crop very quickly.

I saw some tiny cucumbers yesterday. The girls and I saw a trick on growing a cucumber in a bottle. You put the cuke in when it is small and let it grow. When it is big you pick it and pickle it right in the bottle then cork it. The only question is how do you get it out? We didn't see that part of the trick. Has anyone ever done this? Do you have to break the bottle?

We are right in the thick of this summer. Off for a dip in the lake.