Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Thanks to my friend Chloe I am posting again. Thanks Chloe for reading and checking in!

I do love reading and visiting blogs. I can get so caught up doing it. If I didn't have children and chores I could probably sit and look at blogs all day! I do have some discipline though and I actually get a fair amount of my own things done.

Remember this quilt I started?

Well it very slowly turned into this.

And this,

and this,

and this.

To finally, this.

Not a great picture. Photography is really not one of my strong points. I am happy how the quilt came out. I got the pattern from Corey Yoder at

I am a very slow worker, but I do eventually get things done.

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  1. Thanks Vickie! Can't wait to see more ;) Have you seen my new blog? I know you've probably been checking my old one ;) Here's my new one though: (You may not find it of interest but I will be posting more on!!!)