Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Real Winter

There has been a lot of talk about winter lately. Well, it is winter isn't it? Really though, there is always a lot of talk about winter. Or Spring, Summer and Fall. "What a weird winter! So warm!" or "No snow!" This winter, as always, people are talking but for the first time in a long time we are truly having a 'real' winter. Lots of snow, early and consistently. Lots of cold, cold temperatures. I have loved it.

I keep reading posts about how dang cold it is and how long it has been. Yes I will agree it has been a long stretch of cold. It is winter though folks. It is a real Maine winter. Lots of people are very happy about it.

We had a day recently that for some 'weird' reason it got into the 50's. It was a mess. I am not a fan of Spring because of the complete mess it makes and I did not like that warm day at all. I had ice jams in the chicken coop to deal with. Essentially the chicken run was turning into a lake because of all the rain we were getting and the ground was frozen solid and the water had no where to go. We also had a skating rink in our driveway, which is long and at a bit of an incline to the road. I would have much preferred it to stay winter and have a foot or two of snow. I was not the only person that had problems though. I heard all about roads flooding in town and people's basements flooding. All of which can be dealt with when the temps are staying above freezing. Unfortunately the warm temps lasted only 24 hours.  Then we had a very hard single digit number freeze again. No, Spring, don't come yet. I am not ready. I am happy with this real winter.

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