Saturday, January 4, 2014

Moosehead Lake, Maine

We recently took a mini-vacation to Tomhegan Camps at Moosehead Lake in Maine. It is about a three hour drive from our home in Central Maine. Maine is a big state, area wise anyway.

I will not be able to fully explain how beautiful and peaceful it was. We did some snow shoeing. It was so, so unbelievably quiet. Not one sound. I didn't even hear birds. I once did hear a red squirrel chatter very faintly. The lake was still, frozen and silent. The woods more so.

We had a lovely cabin that fit all of us. Off season rates, (ice fishing season started the day after we left and the rates went up). We brought our own food, and games, and even attempted to put together a 1000 piece puzzle. The kids all loved the ping pong table that was in the main room. We had a wood stove and plenty of wood. It was very cozy and relaxing.

It isn't often that we all get to spend time together and even more rare that we can go away together. It was very enjoyable.

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