Friday, January 10, 2014

Feathered Friend Friday

Joining Tammy at Our Neck of the Woods today for her Feathered Friend Friday. I love my girls! They have had it rough lately. It has been so very cold. Then we had one day of very warm temps and down pour rain and they had a lake in the run.

It has frozen right back up again here. Milder temps are in store soon. Too mild for my liking but I can't control the weather! Mostly the girls have been staying inside the coop. They just don't like the wind and ice.

They come out when I go out there to give water or a treat or two. Some of them have a little frost bite on the combs but for the most part they are doing fine. Still laying, although not as much of course. But we have just a bit more daylight coming every day and I am sure the egg production will improve soon.

I hope everyone's chickens and farm and homestead animals are surviving through this blast of winter weather we are having!

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  1. I love that you did a feathered friend friday post of your own! How cool! Your girls are really pretty. I bet they will be happy when it starts to warm back up. I know mine are much happier now than they were at the beginning of the week! I'm glad your girls made it ok through the winter weather.