Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Block Placement

I have been (slowly) working on a queen sized quilt for our bed. I do a block or two then work on something else. To my credit it has been a very busy summer with a house of seven people!

I am trying to figure the placement. Should I sew the blocks all together. Or should I stagger them with a solid color of some kine?

The solid color need not be white. It is just what I had that day to work with.

I just can't decide. It is fine though, because I have about 12 to 14 more blocks to go until I have enough.

I put it up on my design wall the other day.

I like the colors. So does my husband. I didn't want the quilt to be too feminine, since it is his bedroom too. The fabrics are almost entirely of scraps. There were a few fabrics I did buy. Sometimes a fabric will call out to me, and I just have to buy it!

Now to decide how to place the blocks. Hmmmm.......

1 comment:

  1. I like the solid color between the blocks. You could even set them on point. Looks great! It's always difficult for me to sew in the summer. Too many outside chores:-)