Friday, August 9, 2013

Just For Me

I have changed things around a bit on this here blog. I thought about starting a new one, but decided to keep this one, just make it a bit different. I want a space to talk about the things I am working on and my day to day thoughts and doings.

There is a new sidebar to the right that lists the things I am currently working on, aside from all those normal home making things we all do.

Chicken is laying. I only have one laying chicken at the moment. Lost most of my flock to a fox. Soon nine new chicks will start laying and I just ordered 15 baby chicks yesterday.

The garden is doing amazingly well this year.  The new greenhouse is wonderful. Thanks Dean!

I have been harvesting like crazy.

Picking about a quart a day of these beauties.

Even the processing has started!

I am happily busy doing a variety of things. Hope you are too!

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