Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Bounty of an August Garden

I tried my hand at an herb garden this year. I imagined the feeling of cooking a meal and just hopping out to the front garden to grab the herbs I need. I have been living this reality this summer and I love it. This is the parsley, which has exploded.

I am surprised by the dill. I knew nothing about herbs before this year. I picked all the heads off the dill to make Bread and Butter pickles a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I went out to look at the herbs and there were many new heads of dill! Since I have a large amount of cucumbers I guess I will be making more pickles. Yes Dean, this time Kosher Dill.

At the beginning of summer one of my sons came home with 5 Eggplant plants for me. He was given them from his employer. I have never grew eggplant. I found spots in the garden for them and they are thriving. I am amazed at how pretty they are.

The girls picked carrots the other day. They just couldn't wait another day. We cooked them up with some butter and ate them for lunch. They were so sweet and delicious.

In these parts of Maine not many people have good luck with corn. The kind humans eat anyway. There are rows and rows of what we call cow corn. It is grown for feed. I gave sweet corn a go and we do have a few good ears. I just hope nothing happens from here on out. Corn is so sensitive to wind and heavy rain. We also have lots of raccoon waiting for the best time to raid it.

I took this picture last night. This is one days bounty from my garden, the CSA farm we belong to, and some donations from one of my son's employer. I will be very busy in the next few days I think.

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