Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Garden's Progress

 I can't remember a finer year in the garden. Hope I am not jinxing myself. There has been rain, sunshine, no pests, and so far most everything is thriving. I am not happy with the corn. It has been battered by storms and just isn't growing as well as the rows and rows I see on the roadsides. I am a bit worried about the tomatoes. They are there, growing, but smallish and taking their time. Other than that I am overjoyed with the rest of the garden.

 With multiple plantings I have had lettuce all year. The beets are doing well also. I have one whole bed of just beets!

The Rainbow chard is abundant as usual.

It has been the best year for broccoli. The heads are huge and I am getting plenty of off shoots.

The peppers are so beautiful!

Keeping the tomatoes and peppers under cover this year. We are just experimenting with this technique. So far no worms, which we always get, and so far no blight, which we have gotten for so many years. But, they are slower. My son, who has apprenticed on a farm this year said maybe they got too hot. The have flowered and there are tomatoes though, so I am hopeful that we will get enough tomatoes to make the award winning salsa.

The processing has begun around here. Plenty of beans and early cukes. I call it Pickle Fever!

Even though we are seeing signs of fall already here in Maine I think the growing season will continue for some time. We are already getting some red leaves on some of the trees and the nights are getting that cooling feel to them. I love it. Fall is my favorite season. Right now though, I am enjoying this season, Summer, to the fullest!

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