Saturday, August 31, 2013

This Long Weekend

For this long weekend I am taking some time to do some planning. We have had a wonderful, excitement filled summer full of family and fun. One son is off starting a teaching internship, another son is off to start his junior year of college and the third is starting his senior year of high school. Thursday was a very quite day here with the two girls and myself. We cleaned the house. It felt very good. Then we left Friday for a day long outing on the road with Dean. We had a blast and I will be posting about that soon.

We girls have some ideas on how we want our fall and winter to be and we are in the planning stages. I just need some time to look at the calendar and the budget and see what we will do. What we all want is to spend some time with each other and with friends, while having a balance of alone time as well.

So this is a work weekend for us. Some use it as a end of summer last hurrah. We are craving some routine here and that is just what I am going to attempt. It is a challenge to fit in everything and at the same time make it peaceful and calm. For me anyway. I want time with my husband, time with the girls, time to help my son with his future plans, time for me and all my loves. Time for some homeschooling, time for baking, time for planning ahead. We still need to work in the garden, tend to the chickens and get all that wood in! It doesn't ever end, and that is good.

Hopefully at the end of this weekend I will be organized and ready to take on the fall!

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