Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Here in Mine

I am very fortunate to live in Maine. I am even more fortunate to live in an area of Maine that has lots of land and woods and wildlife. I am not really far from a town, but far enough to feel very sheltered and cozy.

Yesterday I went on a bit of a walk around my parts here and got some shots of the wonderful colors of this time of year.

Walking down the hill into the woods. There are a few trails down here that I like to walk.

A lot of the leaves are falling, but we have mostly oaks and there are so many more to come.

These are so amazing how they show the progression of color change.

Maple! I just opened the last jar of maple syrup this weekend. We will really have to do more sugaring this spring!!

Here is a shot of my raspberries and blueberries with sumac and birch and ash trees in the back. Makes for a pretty shot.

Here is a shot off my front porch. Soon all these leaves will be on the ground. It has been so warm here in Maine though. 50's and 60's. Not normal but nice. I love the extended season. Winter is on its way though. I can smell it.


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Fall is always just such a delight to see. We had some really nice warm days here, too. Then this week it is going to freeze every night. I live in Colorado. Thanks so much for your offer on the sewing machines. That is so sweet of you. I will be buying a new sewing machine. But would love to have one like you mention. Maybe some day.

  2. Oh happy sigh.... What a lovely area you live in. Thank you for taking these wonderful photos, and sharing your walks, with us.

    Such a lovely area!!!


  3. So pretty! Seeing the leaves slowly change color is my favorite part of fall. Looks like it's really getting beautiful in Maine!

    PS - Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. Sounds like your Aracuna pullet is doing well - that's so great!