Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Whoa! October!!?

Can it really be October? I really cannot believe it. I am not finished harvesting! I am not 'feeling' it this year. What is up?

I do love the light that is coming in my windows this time of year. I love the temperatures. So nice. So sunny. So very warm in the day and cool in the day. I do live for this time of year.

With most of the putting food up for the year done (still have applesauce and pickled beets to do) I am starting to feel that October might be here. Really though, maybe it is global warming but it just doesn't seem like it.

The leaves all look so pretty though. Our weekly ride through the hills and fields were so pretty today. (Pictures to come at a later post)

What is really exciting is that I found this tomato flower in bloom in the greenhouse. I wonder if I keep it closed up will more tomatoes form and grow through fall and early winter. That would be so cool!!

Look at that pepper! There is more coming too. I am just so excited that I am still getting veggies and it is October!!

Here are my Everbearing Raspberries. FEDCO seeds said they should ripen in late August or September. Well, here they are ripening so nicely in October. I may have to cover them so they do not frost. I think it may be a sun issue, not a false advertising issue. I will be checking into it.

Really, I do more than just gardening. The kids keep me very busy. I am working on several different hand work projects and I am teaching a class this year!!

Oh October, I can't believe you are here but there is no denying it.


  1. Again, I say, you do a "Lot Of Stuff"!!! And you look very happy, about all of it. :-)

    Oh I am enjoying October and feeling it. I love this month. The "blast" of the final fullness of Harvest. The lovely sunny days, and cool evenings. Feels cozy to me, when the evenings cool.

    The crispness of fallen/drying leaves, under foot. The magnificent beauty of those leaves, which have turned but not yet fallen. Oh I want to drink in all their colors! Before a rain storm comes through and tears many from their branches...

    And of course, the cool, crisp nights are full of magic. Oh yes. Of course they are. What would life be, without a big of magic, here and there? :-)

    Tessa~ OHHHHHH DEAR. Your funny letters/numbers, will not let me post my comment!!! I will have to try for the 3rd time. -sigh- Do you really neeeed to make your Dear Readers go through this step, to leave a Comment here???? Couldn't you simply put "Comment Moderation" on, instead? Please... Consider it. I know some bloggers, who will not even try to do the 'funny letters/numbers' step. .... Please..... OK, now I try again. But if it doesn't work this time, I may give up....


    1. I am so sorry! I really didn't even know that is how the comments were coming up. I never tried it myself. I think I fixed it. Thanks for the critique!