Sunday, October 20, 2013

Time With the Ones I Love

Him and I . We took a trip down to see our son with the four other children in tow. Two of them are really not children now but what else do we call them?

There is the oldest. He lives here, in a Yurt, without running water or electricity. He is fine. He is doing very well. He teaches during the day at an alternative school based on homeschooling. The children love him, of course.

Here is the second oldest. A natural writer, and thinker. Such things that go on in that mind. We have such intense conversations right now. Still searching for the best way to be. I remember those days. Very glad they are past.

My baby boy. He wouldn't like me to say that. Thinking about getting out in this big world away from the family. Hard for us to think about it, but he is ready and will do amazing things. Always busy creating some sound or song for us.

My first little girl. She is growing up so fast. How can I slow it down? She loves everyone. So very happy go lucky.

My baby. Surrounded by older ones always. She is a thinker as well. So smart, so sweet. She is the type of child you just want to squeeze. Which of course I do, a lot.

Such a nice day we had. The times we get to spend all together are fewer now, but the times that we do are so special. We really have the best time together when we are together and outside enjoying nature.


  1. What a beautiful family!!!!! Your are blessed. But you know that. :-)

    And yes, it's perfectly OK to agree, that you are blessed. Perfectly fine. Agree... Love everything about the fact... Smile... Love.... Be grateful... And smile some more...

    Gentle hugs,

  2. It looks like fun! All your kids are so cute. How special that you all got to spend some time together :)