Thursday, October 10, 2013

Piecing a Quilt is Harder Than Knitting (IMO)

I joined a quilt along! Thanks to Corey at I love her blog and I really like her too. She always answers any questions I have. This is the second sew along I have done with her. I also did the Birdie Stitches. Those were embroidery squares, and so much fun.

This is what I have worked on so far. It is the first block. I am not much of a 'read directions' sort of gal and it has been challenging for me in a good way. As I was sewing along last night I got to thinking how quilting or piecing is much harder than knitting.

I just learned to knit last year. It took some effort on my part to stick to it and I am happy I did. I love to knit! It is so relaxing and meditative. I can knit while watching a TV show. I knit while my girls are doing their math. I can knit in the car. I even bring my knitting to meetings!! As much as I love sewing and piecing and quilting I cannot say I find it relaxing. It is fun for me because it makes me think and it is sometimes difficult to make something fit right. Many times I have to cut something again and redo things. When I decided to stop for the night I really felt satisfied that I had accomplished something nice. I am now at the point in the block that the little pieces get sewn together to finish the block. I am excited, and nervous about it.

Now if I could just narrow down my projects to just two or three or even four I may get something finished!!

It is a mess. I know right where everything is though. It is an organized mess and it is so much fun!


  1. It is your organized mess! And that's all that needs to be said. :-))))

    So happy to learn of another, who loves books like "Brambly Hedge" books. And loves trying to see all the details, drawn into the illustrations.

    Do you know of other such books, other than "Brambly Hedge" ones, which you love? I'd love to find more.

    Please and thank you.


  2. Dear One,
    Since you already do Comment Moderation here... Please do you really have to make your Dear Readers do the awful "funny number and word" test too.....????? Please...

    Many bloggers awfully-dislike that awful "funny number and word" test. You might be losing readers and commenters, because of having it turned on.

    Please consider...