Sunday, October 13, 2013

Time to Make the Donuts!

I hate making donuts. No, not really. I used to dislike it.

The request for donuts came last night. I did groan. Making donuts is such a process. First the dough has to be made and refrigerated over night. Then in the morning the dough has to be rolled out. After that they get cut into donuts and holes. Meanwhile the oil has to be heated to 350 degrees in preparation for deep frying the donuts.

I was tired when the request for donuts came in. It was already after 8 PM. I mentioned just wanting to sit down. My son asked why didn't I just sit down at the table and make the dough. (Sweet boy) I said fine, get me all the ingredients and I will. I did not expect him to do it, but he did. So of course I did make the dough.

This year I went to the Common Ground Fair, like I always do, and usually I see the same stuff and the same people, which I did, but I did see something different this year. I saw how to make donuts on an open fire in a cast iron pot.

So last night while I was thinking about how I had to get up and make donuts I remembered The Fair and the donuts. I remembered how cooking them on an open fire probably eliminated the smokiness in my home and in my lungs.

What I didn't realize is that cooking the donuts in a cast iron pot on an open flame makes them so much better than ever. I spent over an hour outside on a beautiful fall morning cooking donuts for my family. The day could not have started any better.

I made a huge bowl of these babies. Plain and chocolate. They were very yummy!!


  1. Oh my gracious! How delicious looking. Your family is lucky, that you make such.

    Your family is also lucky, that they can still eat such items. Not so here... We can't eat such. But then, we are "olden." :-)

    These photos make for a magnificent post, my Dear.


  2. That sounds just so perfect! I can imagine how that must have made you feel :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oooh yummy! I wish you could send a few over my way :) I bet they are delicious.

    PS - Thanks for entering my giveaway! Best of luck to you :)

  4. Those look delicious.