Friday, October 18, 2013

Pin, Stitch, Iron, and Repeat

With the Red Sox playing on the TV in the other room I was in my sewing room in a quilt block fever. I am thankful that the Red Sox are still in the series because it keeps my husband occupied. I get to pop in and watch my favorites (Ortiz and Pedroia) when needed. The rest of the time I have my ear to the game and my mind on the sewing.

I have made two of the four blocks for the Quilt Along. Two to go! Last night it was literally pin, stitch, and iron until the block was done. So much fun!

Here is block number one finished!!

Block number two, finished!!

No one was able to sleep with all the excitement of the game. The girls came down to my sewing room needing to 'do something' too. They both decided to pick up their knitting again after a busy summer. I spent a little time helping them cast on and off and start new projects. They are getting very good at knitting. Makes me happy to see them using those little hands for something beautiful.


  1. Oh, those look great!!! The girls are so cute!

  2. They look great! You really did an awesome job. And I love that last shot of the girls - so sweet! I love to see young ones into things like knitting.

    PS - Timothy sounds like an interesting guy! We have one head rooster in the main flock and a 2nd one, and the 2nd one seems really wimpy but I think it's just because the head rooster bullies him sometimes and keeps him in his place. With yours being the only rooster, not sure why he would be wimpy. But at least he's not aggressive and chasing the girls around (as I've heard from other chicken keepers!) so that's good ;)

  3. Your blocks look great. I know what you mean. I love to see little hands at work. Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to seeing your blocks.

  4. Just returning to let you know that, no we don't usually get snow this early. But it almost is like clockwork to get it on Halloween! Hope your fall garden is still doing awesome!