Monday, August 11, 2014

But Summer Will Continue

What a weekend! The sky was so blue and the sun so bright. Then of course that moon! I had trouble sleeping it was so bright.

Most of us went to the lake for a BBQ picnic on Sunday. The only one missing was Cory but I will hopefully be seeing him very soon.

We arrived in the afternoon and stayed until almost everyone was gone.

This is pretty much where Greta stayed all day. She never tires of the water.

Aaron wants the camera. Finally there are some shots of him!

Colin, laughing. What a nice smile he has.

AnnMarie and Dean doing a crossword puzzle after just having a dip.

The sun was so bright and hot. An August sun for sure.

Yea! cook up that chicken Dean.

Getting ready to head out.

Ahh, summer. Yes it can stay a bit longer please.

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