Thursday, August 14, 2014

This Week in My Kitchen

I love the blog Beauty That Moves and have been reading and enjoying her photos for a few years. I am joining Heather in her Kitchen Blog Hop.

Here is this past week.

Barbecue with home made sauce.

Shortcake with blueberries and raspberries from our bushes.

Blueberry Pie with an oatmeal topping. The bottom crust is also home made, a long living and much used recipe.

Zucchini, Summer squash, garlic and broccoli pasta sauce. So much is coming out of the garden right now!

For the first time, Grilled Pizza!

We made a bunch of these long pizza's. One just cheese, one with hamburg and chicken with garlic and onions, one had just olive oil, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and basil (from the garden). My crust is home made, from a mix of whole wheat, bread flour, and corn flour. 

I do struggle with trying to come up with different meals to offer a variety. It is hard sometimes. Some nights I just want to say we are having cereal for supper. Ha! Wonder how that one would go down?


  1. Everything looks wonderful! I love and oath crumble topping for my pies, but unfortunately, my husband does not agree. :(

  2. Your food looks so delicious and fun! You came up with great ideas this past week! Oats for a pie sounds so fantastic! I've often had cereal for supper! after a big lunch...

  3. Your photos make me hungry! The pizzas look so good, so does the pie and the shortcake and blueberries... yummy! Thanks for sharing. I love it that seeing everyone's meals inspires me and also help me with my menu variety... because popcorn for dinner hasn't been accepted yet! :-)

  4. Every picture sings of summer here. I so love shortcake (plus, it always reminds me of my Dad, who died a few years ago at almost 90, so it kind of brings him back to me). Thanks for sharing.

  5. Isn't Grilled Pizza the absolute best?!! My husband always asks for it for Father's Day. And I love those veggies in the skillet!

  6. Wow, that looks delicious! Do you think you could give me the recipe for the grilled pizza? Yum!

    1. Hi Chloe! No recipe. Just regular pizza dough cooked on the grill. Just be careful of the heat, as the bottom will cook too much if you don't.
      Nice to hear from you.