Friday, August 8, 2014

Early Fall?

Lately I have seen and felt some signs of fall approaching. Hopefully an early fall does not equal an early winter. I don't mind winter but how I love fall. No one wants to hear my early fall predictions because of that fear of an early winter but I am feeling it and would love to share.

First of all we have had some pretty cool nights here in Maine. August is usually hot and humid and the nights are not very much relief. It has been a bit humid, not hot, and the nights are cool. More like September.

Second, we have all noticed acorns falling. Not unusual since we are surrounded by oak trees, but usually they don't start falling until September or October.

Third, many people in this family have been sneezing and have had itchy eyes usually associated with a ragweed or goldenrod allergy. Both usually start bothering people in September.

Fourth, I am starting to see come color changes in some leaves. The blueberry bushes are one of the first leaves to change, but usually not until the end of August. I also have started to see some sumac already changing red.

Always my favorite season I am not upset by these early signs. I will say though, I do hope we have many more warm and sunny days left in August and September, even October. We have so many more days at the lake and ocean to enjoy. We have a few more camping trips planned. So summer, you don't have to leave just yet. Stick around for a bit longer.

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