Monday, August 4, 2014

In the Wilds of 'Hobbit Land'

There is this place, tucked away in tiny Hallowell, Maine, that the locals call 'Hobbit Land'. It is really called Vaughan Homestead. On 197 acres it has numerous hiking trails. There is wood, fields, streams, and a pond. There are many arched bridges made out of stone to walk over. Many parts of the trail have stairs made out of stone or wood. There are waterfalls all up and down the stream that are created from a pond slowly draining from the top.

Dean and I took the girls on Sunday. We walked, sat, waded, and some of us swam. It was a delightful day out.

We were finding these black and blue dragonfly's everywhere. There must have been lots to eat by the water.

The pictures are a bit blurry, since I forgot my camera and we were using Deans phone.

This is a purple mushroom that Greta noticed. Doesn't it look deadly?

Greta found the current pretty strong.

Ready, set,



Poor dragonfly. He met his end by a hungry spider.

If you find yourself in Maine, you really should stop in Hallowell. Go to 'Hobbit Land'. You will not regret it.

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