Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The girls and I took off for a camping trip. We had a wonderful time. We went to Sebago Lake State Park. The water was clean, clear and warmish. Just right for really cooling off. This was to be my very first 'solo' camping trip. Solo meaning without Dean. He would be joining us a day late.

It had been raining for the few days before our trip and I was nervous that the rain and storminess would continue into our reserved time slot. The weather reports kept stating that there was 50% chance of rain. I was determined to camp, so I did much research online about keeping dry during camping. I asked Dean to buy a tarp. I bought some drop cloths for inside the tent on the floor.

It poured on and off all the way to the state park. We were a little concerned, but we were very determined.

We stopped for lunch a few miles outside the park. As we were getting back into the car, we saw that there were breaks of blue sky. We were so excited that the rain had stopped. We hurried to the campsite to set up the tent before the next shower.

That shower never came. We set the tent up, tarp and all. Very dry and comfy inside.

The girls rode bikes, and found some webbed footed friends while I set up the rest of camp.

After supper we walked down to the lake. Sebago lake is huge. Greta thought it looked like the ocean. It was so beautiful down there. The girls were very happy to swim until it got dark.

The duck friends also decided on a night swim.

We stayed at the park for three nights and four days. One of the best camping trips I have had. I think the girls liked it too.

Dean joined us on the second day. It was nice having campfires together. Dean and I also got a walk in, all on our own.

There will be more camping trips this summer, that is for sure.

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