Monday, July 28, 2014

Seal Cove, Maine

A friend recently invited us to stay at their family camp in Seal Cove, Maine. What a treat. We had so much fun. My friend and I made meals together, we all walked along the shore and went to Acadia to ride on the carriage trails. It was a wonderful couple of days.

This is the view from the house. It was so quiet there. We rode our bikes down to where the shore was sandy. The kids collected shells, crabs, and hermit crabs for hours. We all waded around in the shallow water. It was cold, but some of us did get in all the way.

Greta collected flowers for a lovely bouquet for the dinner table.

This outside shower was so cool. For my next house I want one of these.

At the end of the day, after supper we went out to watch the sunset. It was spectacular. My camera phone doesn't do it justice.

A perfect little mini vacation right in our own state of Maine.

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