Thursday, July 10, 2014

This Week in My Kitchen - Blog Hop

I love the blog Beauty That Moves and have been reading and enjoying her photos for a few years. I am joining Heather in her Kitchen Blog Hop.

So here is this week in My Kitchen:

To get these juicy chops....

Start with a cheaper cut of pork chops on the thinner side.

Add melted butter, and salt and pepper. Then grill on a low setting.

We are getting lots of greens and snow peas from the garden.

Which stir fried with mushrooms,

chard and spinach from the garden make a wonderful lunch.

Finally figured out how to 'steam' hard boiled fresh from the nest eggs. The peelings come right off.

Our first harvest of broccoli was a huge hit one night along side some baked beans and dogs.

We really do eat well.

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  1. A good pork chop is always a winner! And your vegetables look delicious too!