Friday, July 25, 2014

The Wood Pile

My son Aaron has been working very hard on our wood pile this summer. Dean did a lot of cutting of logs this winter. There are piles of logs all through the wood.

There are three ways the wood is brought up from the wood. One is by the arm full. Aaron carries logs up and out of the woods. At times he carries it all the way up to the area where the wood is 'worked'. Lately, now that the bigger piles of logs are being moved he carries the logs to a work truck we have and then it gets driven to the work area. Either way it is a lot of work.

But it doesn't end there. After the logs are delivered up to the work area Dean chainsaws them into smaller pieces. Aaron then hand splits them (no splitter here!) and then stacks the wood.

This takes a fair amount of strength and stamina. A perfect job for a nineteen year old. Aaron tells us that this is the ninth year he has worked on wood for the family and this is the first year he won't be here to enjoy its heat. He will leave for college at the end of August.

Looking good Aaron! Thanks for all your hard work. We will have a nice fire going for you when you come home to visit this winter. XOXO

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