Tuesday, July 8, 2014


It is very humid and warm here in Maine today. No one seems to want to do anything active. I get hot just going out to collect eggs.

Luckily I have very resourceful and creative children. Greta decided she would love to do some Origami. I cannot resist Origami or spending time with the girls.

We use a kit called "Origami Studio Kit: by Michael LaFosse" It came with a video. We hardly ever use the video, but it is very detailed and helpful. The booklet that comes with the kit is just as good. I like the history it gives for each origami activity and it explains the terms and folds very well.

The main thing we learned from the video when we did watch it was to make sure you crease very well.

We made boxes.

We made foxes.

We made fish.

It was a great way to spend time together in front of the fan. Now it is time for a swim.

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