Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Right in the Thick of It

Sun Tea is sitting on the back porch. We will add a touch of sugar and some fresh mint and ice cubes when we are ready for a nice long drink. Boy has it been hot here lately. I am really not a fan of hot weather, but I feel I have been handling it just fine, so far.

We are heading for the lake for the second day in a row. The house is very hot right now. It doesn't help matters that I made bread. What fool makes bread when it is 85 degrees outside? Me. I am the fool that loves bread so much but hates to buy it. I hate what is inside store bread and I really hate paying for things I can make myself. I am realistic though, and I know I cannot make bunches of pasta or cheese to keep up with what we love to eat. It is the small things that sometimes make a difference.

Speaking of making it myself, I feel pretty good about picking over a quart of these beauties today. Can't wait to make some pie. When it cools down a bit.

The garden is really pumping out the food now. I picked a huge amount of chard the other day, and today my son plans to pick the first real harvest of green beans.

Been keeping my eye on the tomatoes. They are so sensitive. Blossom end rot, blight, or horn worms could ruin a crop very quickly.

I saw some tiny cucumbers yesterday. The girls and I saw a trick on growing a cucumber in a bottle. You put the cuke in when it is small and let it grow. When it is big you pick it and pickle it right in the bottle then cork it. The only question is how do you get it out? We didn't see that part of the trick. Has anyone ever done this? Do you have to break the bottle?

We are right in the thick of this summer. Off for a dip in the lake.

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