Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Little Tie Dye

One day a few weeks ago the girls and I did some Tie Dying. We needed to do it outside to avoid any tie dyed rugs. I found some plastic and laid it out on some grass.

We used a kit we bought at JoAnn Fabrics. It had six colors in it and enough dye for two fills of the bottles. We bought cammies and T-shirts and some socks.

First we had to wet the fabric.

Then we decide on a pattern and start wrapping rubber bands (if the project calls for them) and dying!

Not sure why I am standing like a crane. Probably trying to keep the mosquitoes off.

AnnMarie decided to do an Ombre style of dying. She started at the bottom with very dark dye then used the brush to move up the color little by little.

Greta went with a swirl style. Which means swirling the shirt up and wrapping the bands in a criss -cross fashion with 6 different parts.

Then you squeeze the dye into each part.

You have to really soak it. Otherwise the color won't take.

Afterwards you have to rinse all the excess dye out of the fabric.

It was all just too exciting for Padfoot.

I wanted to try one too. I used a stained white shirt I had. Re-purpose!!

Look how those colors move.


Each girl did a T-shirt and a cammie. They also did a pair of socks. The socks didn't work as well, since the fabric was polyester. You must use 100% cotton if you want bright vibrant colors.

After the rinsing the shirts were hung up to dry a bit. Then as recommended we put them in a dryer to finish drying.

This was a very fun project and we can't wait to do some more.

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