Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monarch Tagging

A few weeks ago we went on a Monarch Tagging walk. It was a beautiful, warm day

We walked through some wood to a field of Milkweed. Right away we saw Monarch butterflies flitting about. Catching them was more of a challenge. I did catch a praying mantis.

These insects are so cool. He stayed right there for a long time. Just looking around with his big eyes.

These big yellow and black spiders were everywhere. Someone told me they were not biters and that they are harmless. They sure didn't look harmless.

The girls and I never did catch a Monarch, but some other people did. We were able to watch the tagging and release of the butterfly.

Tagging the butterfly does not hurt them in any way. They told us that the sticker is sort of the same weight as us wearing a T-shirt. Hopefully this Monarch will make it to Mexico. If it does we should hear back from another group that will be reading the tags.

While walking around looking for flying Monarchs we stumbled upon a Monarch chrysalis. How lucky! We brought him home and watched him transform. So cool.

They are beautiful. I love that gold beady band. I also find it fascinating that they hang on by a literal thread. They stay on even through the wind and rain.

She came out a couple of days later. (Click here  to find out how to sex a monarch.) She flew up the driveway and into the road. Hope she makes it to Mexico!!

Just found this. Strange Cloud over Missouri Turns out to be Butterflys. I am not sure the story is true, but if it is then it is good news for the Monarchs.

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