Thursday, September 25, 2014

This Week in My Kitchen

I love the blog Beauty That Moves and have been reading and enjoying her photos for a few years. I am joining Heather in her Kitchen Blog Hop.

Here is this week.

Biscuits. I added some cornmeal because we were having chili. These turned out soft, and tasty. The chili.....

has been better. It has been a little challenging to cook for only four people. What a difference in how much gets eaten with two adults and two little girls compared to four, sometimes five adults and two children. I attempted to cook up a small chili in the crock pot. I didn't think about the cooking time would need to be less. It dried right up. Even adding water at serving didn't revive it very well. Oh well, these things happen I guess.

As we are still harvesting from the garden I made Stuffed Zucchini. I bake the zucchini, took out the seeds, stuff with cooked hamburg, rice, spices, and top with cheddar cheese. Broil it for a few minutes and serve. Such an easy meal. 

More garden goodness here. We broiled beets, carrots, beans, eggplant and sweet potatoes. (The sweet potatoes came from the store.) I love how the colors of these veggies look like the leaves that change color on the trees. 

Happy Fall!


  1. Those vegetables look amazing! Yum.

  2. Your chilli still looks good. I could eat a bowl right now. Those stuffed zucchinis looks scrumptious too. I must go and get some breakfast! Thanks for letting us peep into your kitchen.
    Happy fall to you too , or as we call it over here in England, happy autumn.