Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Before the Freeze

We have a couple of wood fires under our belt. Now the forecasters are calling for a wide spread frost for tonight into tomorrow morning.

I cover a lot in my garden. We eat greens starting in March and continue eating healthy all summer and into the late fall. The only way to do this here in Maine is with the hoop houses Dean has made. Tonight they will be going back on. As I said, I do cover a lot but I cannot cover everything. I wouldn't want to. Today I went out tho the garden and collected all the veggies that would be in danger of frost damage.

I am not really concerned with beets and carrots getting a freeze. They are actually better after a freeze. I have some in my bowl because they were just sitting on top of the beds. Conveniently we have had a deer visit us for the last couple of days. I say conveniently because he/she ate all the leaves off the beans but left the beans behind. It was much easier to pick them without having to move all the leaves around. They have been feasting on the carrots and beets also, but again not eating the veggie part of it. They picked them for me and left them behind. Unfortunately the deer also ate a bit of the kale. It will grow back, but still, it is a disappointment. The kale will be covered tonight since it is in the same bed as some eggplant and tomatoes.

I took some shots of the tomatoes and peppers that have been under cover for most of the summer. Only in the really hot month did we take off the plastic. The peppers are my biggest disappointment this summer. They are lagging so far behind. I may not get enough. I have bags of tomatoes in the freezer waiting for peppers so I can make sauce and salsa for the winter months.

I brought into the house some potted peppers and my big geranium plant. That added a bit of beauty to the house.

So fall is here, even if the calendar doesn't say so. I am happy about it though, it is my favorite season.

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