Monday, September 29, 2014

An Autumn Day at the Lake

Much of Maine had some pretty warm (hot in my opinion) temperatures this past weekend. Sensing this may be one of our last weekends to go to the lake, that is just what we did.

The trees are just starting to turn. Some more than others. The lake was so crisp and cool. The sky so blue. It was a beautiful fall afternoon.

There were not very many people at the lake. Summer is over for most people. I suppose it is over for me too, but on Saturday we were soaking it all up again.

There is no denying it though. The proof is in the color of the leaves. The proof is also in the cool temperatures that we are suddenly left with today. As the winds blew and the clouds came in the temps dropped about 25 degrees. I am sitting in front of a nice warm fire as I type this.

Good bye summer. Hello autumn. The memories of the warm, balmy, sun filled days will sustain us through another fall and winter. I am so glad we spent the day together relaxing and having fun in the sun.

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