Monday, September 22, 2014

Common Ground Fair

Boy what a busy few days it has been. Busy, but happy and fun. Friday was the kick off for the annual Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. I am not sure what came over me, but I didn't really plan to go this year. It has been a full summer and I thought I would just take this year off. Really now, how silly of me.

We got started early on Friday. Soon as we crossed the gates there was a friend yelling our names. We made our way over to the children's area and the amphitheater or as I call it the 'hill'. We like to set up our blanket and have a 'station' to come back to. We are usually at the fair all day and it is nice to go sit for a while and listen to music and rest.

One of the reason's Friday is one of the days to go is that is the day the YEZ tent is open. It stands for Youth Enterprise Zone. Lots of kids have worked on their crafts all year and come here to sell them. There is jewelry, food, artwork, needlework, you name it. I remember the boys doing this when they were 12. They made granola. They made a nice chunk of change. AnnMarie will be old enough to do it next year, but she is not sure about doing it yet. Part of the reason is she doesn't want to be under a tent working the whole day when she can be running around the fair with her friends. I see her point, but, her friends may be in the YEZ tent next year too. We will see how it plays out.

For the third year in a row Greta visited the face painting tent in the children's area. This is something she really looks forward to.

Because we went for two days this year she got three face paints. Yes, three. There was an incident. There had to be a third painting.

Friday was sunny but cool. It was a beautiful day. Saturday it was overcast and windy but warmer than Friday. The rain held off which was wonderful.

Hot cider helps when it gets a bit cool.

The amphitheater area has a big hill that every kid at the fair has seen at least once. You cannot avoid it. They all slide down the hill on used cardboard boxes. It is a blast, to watch.

I visited the fiber arts tent, of course. Such talent and beauty. I bought some soft, pretty, alpaca/wool blended yarn. What should I do with it? I would love to see if I can make a sweater. That may be beyond my expertise right now though.

The best part about the fair, I think, is seeing friends. I am not sure there is any other place that one can meet up by chance with friends from one end of the state to the other. Where ever we turned we bumped into someone we knew. This year our whole family went to the fair, as the boys all came home for the weekend. Like I said it was busy, but fun. Today is for resting and knitting and catching up on laundry and bread making.


  1. Looks like so much fun! That's some nice yarn. Such pretty colors.

    1. Thanks Chloe. I tried joining your blog but couldn't. Tell your mom I said hi. I will send her a letter some time this week. Look for a package from the girls for you. Nice hearing from you.

    2. Same here. My blog has been having problems but you can visit my new one: or