Saturday, September 13, 2014

Catching Up

We have had a very full summer! One week until Fall officially starts. Over the next few posts I will try and 'catch up'. There have been some changes here over the last few weeks. We are down to two children living full time in the house. 

I think I will keep them!

Right now I am in Wallingford, PA at Pendle Hill Quaker retreat center. I am having a nice little self imposed break. I am missing home very much. I should be home by tomorrow night though!

Waiting for me at home are the girls and Dean. On Friday all the boys may be home to go to The Fair! After that, (I will believe it when I see it) things should settle down to a nice routine.

Here is a mosaic I stumbled upon while on a walk yesterday. Looks like a star quilt or a tumbling block. Pretty cool to walk in the woods and find a quilt.

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  1. Hey, I gave you those sunglasses! Tell AnnMarie she looks great in them.